Brady Architectural Photography

I was asked by architectural photographer James Brady (Dwell Magazine, Luxe Magazine, etc.) to redesign his website in 2013. The site features his commercial and residential work, as well as a blog.

The site needed to be responsive, so I worked with the good folks at Tragic Media to ensure the site worked and looked good across devices (using media queries). They even created a custom swipe nav that appears only on mobile, prior to an off-the-shelf jQuery plugin.

The biggest challenge was framing images of varying sizes and aspect ratios across multiple galleries (it was important to the client that the images not be cropped to a common size). I solved this with a horizontal nav that appears consistently beneath all images (more visibly under narrow images and less visibly under wide images).

The client had equity in his existing branding, so we only lightly touched it, mainly cleaning up kerning.